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Our History


Hello there,

It all started with an airport journey we had a couple of years ago. It was our first one and, as most of us, we were on a budget regarding travel expenses, so we chose the saving option. Simple as that.
By bus.
Of course when you get to travel from Poole or Bournemouth to airports as far as Luton or Stansted you need to keep in mind you might end up spending lots of hours sitting in a chair. We didn’t mind that. As our flight was in late afternoon we chose the earliest coach to save money.
We woke up at silly o'clock, walked dragging luggage to bus station and waited 26mins for the bus at a freezing cold bus station. So far so good.
A trip to Luton Airport by car normally takes aprox. 2hrs30min. We took 5hrs... And that just to Heathrow Airport as we had to change there. We waited another 1hr37mins in a very, very cold waiting room as our bus had broken down. Anyway we were still holding there even if we were frozen and starving. Finally we took the bus to Luton. Another 2hr journey. At this point we had enough of music, films, social, etc.
We started our day full of joy and excitement for our holiday and we arrived at Luton hungry, tired, frozen and our phones were dead.

The funny part about everything is that we paid for all of this.:) 
The next time we traveled by car. We vowed never to use the bus again, by train would have been too expensive.

Travelling to airport in our own car made us realize that paying petrol plus car parking costs was expensive and stressful. 
That is were we came in...we can be that someone you can count on if you need fast, safe and reliable airport transfer.



AM Transfer

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